Slate Roofing

Sunday, 18 October, 2009

Slate Roofing Tiles are the strongest shingles ever made. Homes from the 1600s still have their original slate roofs in place. Slate is made from natural stone and has the ability to last hundreds if not thousands of years. Many wealthy homeowners prefer the slate roof over the conventional asphalt shingle.

If you are deciding to get a slate roof, you should consider your roofing contractor first and foremost. Many roofing companies have lost the art of installing the slate roof system. You must ask for pictures and references from their previous job sites. Contact the homeowners and inquire about the process of the installation.

John Mansville has the biggest selection of Slate Roofing Tiles for you to make a selection. An exterior designer has the ability to help you choose the color and style best suited for your exterior decor. Take your time when choosing color and style for the roof will be there for the life of the house. Color swatches and stone presentation boards are available at John Mansville material supply.

Be advised that a new Slate Roof System will place added weight on your home. You will need a Structural Engineer to evaluate your roof structure for the ability  to sustain the weight of the new roof system. Your home can collapse if the rafters are not supported by knee walls. Understand that Slate Tiles are extremely heavy and need additional support.

Your roofing company must install the Slate Tiles on a slat system to allow the attic to breath. Do not allow any roofer to install them onto plain decking. This will cause the build up of mold underneath your tiles. The mold can cause multiple respiratory and medical problems. Be sure the roof is installed to manufacturers standards.

The Internet provides a wealth of information on the pros and cons of Slate Roofing. Due diligence is a must for you to come out on top. So many homeowners get poor craftsmanship for they rush their decision in choosing a roofing contractor. Once again, get references and pictures to help you make an educated decision.

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