Roofing Repair

Thursday, 5 August, 2010

With so many roof repairs needed around the home , the most dreaded one is the roof repairs. The roof system is one of the most important parts of the home. Roof leaks may be caused by so many things. Here is a list of some of the problems you may be having and an idea of what is causing them:

  1. Loose or exposed nails can create space for leaks .
  2. Sagging between rafters, it could mean that your roof decking may need replacing. The storms in Georgia caused homes to be damaged and homeowners had to have emergency roofing services.
  3. Chimneys may have cracks, dried out caulking or rusty metal, and this may be a problem with the flashing.
  4. Leaking in the bathroom or kitchen area usually means there is a vent that may need attention or even replacing.
  5. Areas such as where to walls meet (valley areas) may need to be sealed or replaced if leaking.
  6. You may notice after a hard wind that several shingles are misplaced or missing which can cause leaking.
  7. On flat roofs such things as roll roofing may need to be resealed down or replaced if there is a lot of wear and tear on it.
  8. Metal roofs may need to be coated with a elastic membrane substance to help with leaks.
  9. Metal roofs also may have screws that over time have become rusted and need replacing or resealed.
  10. Soffit or fascia board may need attention after years of exposure and need to be replaced.
  11. Sometimes the water runs off the edge of the roof over the gutters causing problems with the siding and this to may need to be replaced. Roof edging can help the water to run into the gutters if properly installed. This would help with not only the roof but the siding as well.
  12. Ice and water shield barrier is always an excellent way to fix valley leaks as well as where two roof lines join together: such as where the garage meets the house or a breezeway area or even a sun room addition added after the original roof is in place.
  13. We are proud to be the preferred Atlanta Roofing Contractor for the past 26 years.

These are many repair issues that may need attention from you, the homeowner. So please contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to fix these needed problem areas.

You may also want to get a inspection of your roof several times a year even if you do not see any visual water damage. Sometimes these problems go unnoticed for several years and then there is not only a roof repair issue but many other repairs to go along with it.

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