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Friday, 18 March, 2011

Many people have many theories on how to eat healthy, but really what is healthy? We all have busy lives and many may not get home till 6 or 7pm and too tired to cook healthy. How many of us just say well I’ll just pick up something on the way home? I bet most of us say yes to that question. Then there is the sad fact that the economy will not allow us to eat out too much. So when we go to the grocery store we buy cheap easy meals. Well the cheap and easy meal is more than likely not too healthy for us. There are tons of preservatives and sodium in the frozen foods, can foods and processed foods. Which are not healthy for us. There in lies the question, How do you eat healthy?

Some tips I learned from parents and being on a budget myself I have learned to eat healthy cheap. Now I know everyone’s situation is different and family sizes vary. When you are shopping look for specials on the meat of your choice, fresh meat. I buy big packs of meat and separate it in freezer bags, then lay out what I need for that evening. Pick out a veggie to go with it and have a salad with some light fixings.

I also recommend always using olive oil and not canola it has more fat. If you want to eat right you can never go wrong baking or grilling chicken or any meat you like for that matter. You should also pay attention to carbohydrates where they will turn to sugar and we all know sugar turns to fat. Some carbohydrates are ok especially the ones with whole wheat ingredients. Some examples are whole grain or wheat pasta, wheat or whole grain bread. If you eat a lot of sandwiches use more mustard than mayonnaise and be careful with a lot of cheese. A good balance of fruit and vegetables is always healthy for you.

I would also like to add that drinking a lot of sodas is not a good way to be healthy either. Implementing six to eight glasses of water a day is very healthy. Our body needs water to help flush out toxins and helps to keep us healthy along with diet and exercise. Eating healthy can also limit and sometimes control or reverse some health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc. You should consult a doctor before trying any of these suggestions to make sure you are not allergic to any wheat or dairy as well.

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