Roof Leaks

Thursday, 12 August, 2010

Roof repair issues can be more than the homeowner can stand. Some roof repairs are simple and can be fixed the same day. Other roof repair issues may have to be scheduled over a few days or may take a complete day to be done. If the repairs on your home require immediate attention, you may request the work to be done as soon as possible. Most roofing contractors have emergency service which will allow you to have a tarp placed on the roof where the leak is present. This may require a service fee charge to you at the time of the service but most companies will credit some or most of this charge if they do the repair work for you also. In some cases the leak may have caused damages to the ceiling,or drywall inside the home. In many cases the contractor that you call will be able to fix all the problems the leak has caused. But in some cases you may have to hire more than one contractor for the same leak.

Your roof is designed to last the duration of the life of the shingles. But the leak issue you are having may be from the installation of these shingles, or flashing issues, or even nails that have worked there way up and are now loose or rusted. But in any case a roof leak is usually due to storms or wind damages.

Flat roofs may develop leaks around air conditioning units, metal beams, or the roll roofing applied on them may need to be re-sealed and fasteners may need to be caulked and sealed to prevent rusting and leaking causing more leaks in the future.

On Metal roof repairs an Atlanta roofing contractor may need to coat the roof with an elastic base sealant. This will seal any tiny holes that may be causing leaks. It will also insulate the roof and help with heating and air conditioning bills as well. The sealant will help to keep heat out and air in.

Some roofs may also have skylights that are causeing a leak issue. According to the age ofd the skylight and if this is a problem that you have had for some time , there may be ways to fix the leak by sealing around the edge of the skylight with a sealant such as a ice and water shield product or it may require some metal flashing to help with the leak issue.

In all cases a licensed roofing contractor is needed to get the roof repair fixed right the first time.

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