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Thursday, 6 August, 2009

The Atlanta Roofing Company industry is changing due to the economy. Atlanta roofing contractors has seen a big increase in workers from out of state. The skilled and knowledgeable workers have moved on to other areas of the country seeking work.

The owners of these companies are exploring ways to increase their profits while decreasing their overhead. They have hired new an inexperienced workers for lower wages and are willing to teach them their self. While the customer may be getting a better price, at the end of the day you will always get what you pay for.

The Roofing Company that continues to enact good practices will be the ones around for years to come. The lean times in the construction industry has a way of separating the good from the bad. The list of Roofing companies going out of business in the Atlanta area is extremely high.

The BBB has been receiving many complaints about unpaid workers as well as unpaid material accounts. Home owners are having liens placed on their properties at an alarming rate. These liens must be paid by the roofing company or the home owner will be sued for the balance owed on materials by the shingle supplier.

The Roofing Contractors in Atlanta are not all bad, for there are still some good guys left. Be sure to check your contractor out through the BBB and local Chamber of Commerce. These organizations are the first to know if a company is in trouble. Always ask to speak with three previous customers within the past six weeks.
This will be a confidence builder for you.

The roofing companies have been asking for partial payment upfront before the job even begins. This is a red flag and you should leave this company alone. This is an indicator that the company no longer has credit with its creditors. If the roofing company does not accept credit cards, buyer beware.

In closing, caution is the word of the year. People do not mean to be crooked, things just happen that are beyond their control. Upon completion of any repairs or roof installation, be sure to get a signed and notarized affidavit of completion as well as payment in full. A copy of the material invoice showing  paid in full for your records is also proof that you paid for the shingles.

The day will come when you will need a roofing company, and please sure to follow this advice, for it could save you time as well as money.

David Lee King

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