Leaking Roof

Saturday, 7 August, 2010

Many homeowners are experiencing leaking roofs due to all the storms this season. Roof leaks can not only be annoying but the water left behind can cause mold and mildew that can be harmful to your health. When a roof is installed it will usually last about 10- 15 years according to the year of shingles and type of shingles used. If the proper ventilation system is not installed with the new roof , you may notice that not only do you have leakage but this will also do damage to the shingles themselves causing them to break down quicker than the lifespan that the manufacture warrants them for . If this happens the manufacture of the shingles will not warrant the shingles and your roof may have repairs that will need to be done sooner than you have expected. That is why it is important to have a vent ridge system applied and several turbine vents that are  placed on the backside of the roof. This ventilation will help also reduce the heat in the attic area of your home. These Turbine vents must be flashed and properly installed or leaking will cause them to rust at the base and this will cause problems in your home as well.

There are several different types of ridge vents that may be applied to your roof.There is the metal ridging that is used often . These may be damaged or blown away in a thunderstorm or wind storm if not properly place and secured. Then there is the shingle ridging that most customers prefer .This ridging is done with shingles cut certain ways and properly placed at the ridge which gives plenty of air for the attic to breath.

Chimney leakage is usually due to the flashing not properly installed or over time and much rainy weather , the flashing may be exposed and rust may develop and this will need to be tore out and new flashing replacing it. The shingles in that area will need to be removed and usually the roofer can reuse the shingles so that they match the existing ones.In some cases new shingles are nessisary and they may not match the existing shingles completely due to weather and normal wear of the shingles over a period of time.

Skylights are always a issue when it comes to leaks.If not properly installed they will leak for sure and the only way to fix it may be to remove them and replace them. If a skylight has been present for many years and then starts leaking it may just need sealing with caulking or some flashing may need to be placed in the area of the leak.

These are just many roof repairs that may need some attention. Please check with a licensed Roofing Company for free estimates today. Don’t delay!

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