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Monday, 21 June, 2010

It has been my concern for many years that we must take care of our employees. Roofing employees are no different and should receive care accordingly. The National Institute of Health Has promoted many companies in their venture to give their employees excellent health care coverage. United Health Care has been a strong advocate and encourages business owners to take the correct course of action. In addition, business owners should provide safety measures that would decrease the cost of health benefits. Major construction companies teach ACLS certification to their supervisors.  The certification allows each of the supervisors the ability to provide advanced level of care should the need arise. Also, the insurance companies even offer to provide such courses upon request.

Daycare centers have cut the benefits they provide to their employees due to litigation and the rising cost of health care coverage. In the past the workers were required to have CPR Certification prior to employment. The health benefits to the children were of great value and not to mention the ability to save a life. The owners of the business were very hesitant to take on additional risk and as a result they proceeded tp train their employees further.

Georgia Academy of EMS has helped secure better benefit packages for many companies by having trained personnel available to provide medical aid on the premises. Certain companies will discount employee benefits greatly if their is a trained Doctor on scene who is trained in  PALS renewal. This is very costly for the business to provide such coverage, but the savings on the other end tend to be excellent. The upside to the benefits is something to be desired by all employees who are involved.

The roofing industry is suffering as well. The rate for a roofing contractor has blown through the roof. They have a 41%  rate of workers compensation due to the catastrophic injuries they so often sustain. The Atlanta City Council has taken an active role in preventing roofing companies from practicing unsafe practices. The council even requires that their personnel posses an Atlanta ACLS Certification class. This certification helps to decrease health care cost by at least 28% according to USA Today. The government has been proactive in delegating contracts and the requirements needed to begin a public project. Benefits for employees is no exception to the rule. The gavel has dropped and business owners must comply to the new standards that are being passed by legislation.

The Board of Commissioners for Fulton County have even expressed their concern for the process of obtaining health care coverage for their employees in the future. No one wants to be left behind in the dust. we must be proactive and help those in need. We have taken the liberty to provide the text book so your employees can be trained appropriately. Never be reactive and stay proactive in reducing the cost of benefits. Please understand the need for excellent coverage is the life blood of the business. Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any comments or questions.

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