Hail Damage-Insurance Claim

Sunday, 30 August, 2009

Our Hail Damage Insurance Claim was a breeze with our Professional Roofing Contractor. The roofing contractor proposed a new roof installation for us. The Insurance Claim indicated and allocated funds for roof repairs for the main section of the home. The flat porch area was not even addressed in the Hail Damage Insurance Claim report. Our roofing company notified the State Farm Agency about the over site by the Insurance Claim Adjuster. The Lead Project Manager was obliged to schedule an appointment with the Insurance Claim Adjuster for a re-inspection.

The process was quite involved for the roofing company had to complete a drawing of the home’s roof¬† line for resubmission of the Insurance Claim. The measurements of the roof top had to be exact for the claim to be accepted. Our roofing company provided us with a detailed description of the new roof replacement process as well as the cost to be incurred. The Insurance Claims Adjuster found the additional Hail Damage on the upper slopes of the roof structure thanks to our roofing contractor.

The Hail Damage Insurance Claim process was prolonged due to the re measurement and assessment of the main roof structure. The installation of the new roof would be delayed an additional two weeks awaiting for the State Farm Insurance Company to release the funds. Our roof needed some roof repairs completed while we awaited the new roof installation to begin.

The crew of construction guys came out and placed a tarp on the entire roof system. A news agency reported that our house looked like a “A big blue smurf” with the tarp flapping in the wind. While we were awaiting the new roof to be installed, we had another large storm which caused more Hail Damage to our home. The tarp even had large holes that were visible from the ground.

Our Insurance Claim for the Hail Damage arrived on Monday afternoon with a check attached. The cost of the roof had been depreciated which I had not expected. The Insurance Claim was not clear about the allocation of funds. The roofing company sent out the contractor in charge who educated us well on how we would be able to recover our depreciation after the completion of the new roof installation. Jim was very helpful in the break down of the funds from the Hail Damage Insurance Claim.  We are extremely happy with the way our Hail Damaged Roof was handled by our local roofing company.

Jim Thesis

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