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Sunday, 8 August, 2010

A roof leak can be a major nuisance for any homeowner. When you find the leak it may be frustrating or relatively simple looking depending on the amount of water in the location. Sometimes by the time you see the roof leak it has already been present for some time, yet it was undetected for many rain storms. And that can cause more damage to other structures in your home such as ceiling, floors and walls, sheet rook, and insulation.

If your roof is older and you have a roof repair issue, it may be caused by several different issues with you roof. Repairs can be things such as shingles blown off or things as flashing in a valley, at a wall, or chimney may need to be re-sealed. Whatever the emergency roof repair may be , a licensed roofing contractor can inspect the roof and detect what is causing the leak.

The roof is the most important structure in the home. It allows you to be safe from all outside elements. So it is very important to find a roofing contractor and fix the needed repairs on the roof as soon as possible. Most roofing contractors should have a lot of experience in roof repairs and should be able to give a homeowner many referrals which in most cases are a plus! Many Atlanta roofing contractors are not experienced in roof leaks. The contractors apply the roof and if the homeowner has a problem with it, then contractor calls someone else to fix the problem. In that case the homeowner may not have chosen the best roofing company for the project. It is always best to check with your local BBB to make sure the contractor does not have a lot of prior roof leak issues. This may be a warning sign for you as well.

A good roofing company will have a website for you to check out credentials, reviews, and let you know more about their company. This is always a plus. If needing a roof repair, make sure that the company website has repair issues that you can check out and reviews from previous homeowners on their experience on their leak issue and if the company stopped the issue..

Ask lots of questions on what they found and how they plan to stop it. If the roofing contractor cant answer these questions for you , well, he may just not know the answer and may take the money and the roof repair will still not be completed as promised.

A good roofing contractor always has materials with him to fix simple leaks such as caulking and nails to sealant and even some metal flashing. So if the roof repairs aren’t a major job it may be fixed at the time of the inspection. If you have missing shingles the roofing contractor may not have the color of shingles on his truck so he may need to come back. It is always best to let the contractor know if you have missing shingles and what color the roof is prior to him coming to give you the estimate. This will save the contractor time and the homeowner money as well. Remember the roofing contractor is there to help you and get this roof repair fixed so that the next rain you don’t have any issues that may cause more damages. This will give you both peace of mind about the repair being done and this to can be a plus.

Sometimes after you have a complete roof installed and everything seems great, then you find that leak you were not expecting and you call the roofing company that installed the roof only to find out that they are no longer in business in your city or town. So you end up calling another roofing company to come out and fix the issue that the other roofing company may or may not have caused. So in this case please be patient with the contractor you call to fix the roof repairs. Remember the new contractor is their on your behalf working to fix someone else’s mistakes.

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