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Thursday, 8 October, 2009

Help Available For Storm Damaged Roofs

The Atlanta area has been hit with major storm damage and as a result there are many families without homes. The Mayor has asked the community reach out and help these needy families. The storms not only damaged roofs they also damaged the lives of many individuals. The paramedics have stepped up to provide ACLS certification to doctors who are coming in from other states. There is a common goal to restore order to the storm stricken community.

With the barrage of recent storms that both flooded and otherwise damaged area homes and businesses, many homeowners are seeking help in doing all types of repairs.  From water logged basements and submerged vehicles, to storm damaged roofs that need immediate attention to prevent further damage, reputable contractors and roofers are in much demand.

If you are looking for an Atlanta roofing company, your best bet is to first ask family and friends for suggestions.  However, if they’re in the same predicament as you are with storm damage, they may already be consuming their favorite contractor’s time.  That’s when a quick online search will provide many options for available sources of assistance.

A roofing contractor will be able to diagnose how extensive your damage is.  You might be able to see missing shingles and other obvious damage, but the professionals will be able to see other underlying issues that need repaired, including leaks that could further damage your home’s interior, such as soaked roof supports, possible breeding grounds for mold growing later on, as well as annoying cosmetic problems like water stains on your ceilings and walls.

Look for roofing companies that will offer a free roof estimate and compare several before making your decision.  If one quote is far out of line with the others (either too high or too low), ask yourself why.  Was something left out of a low estimate or are their prices truly less expensive than others?  If so, they may be a good option, but check customer references and the company’s history before hiring them to be sure everything is on the up and up.

For excessively high estimates, also ask questions.  Some roofers may use higher quality materials or perhaps they spotted problems other companies didn’t.  A high quote doesn’t mean you’re getting ripped off (although it could), but investigate so you’re assured of hiring the most thorough roofer you can.  Materials like slate, clay tiles, asphalt, and several variety of woods can vary greatly; a little research or quick chat with your contractor will help explain their estimate.  Whatever the results of the quotes, a free roof estimate should be considered a given (and those who want to charge for the service should quickly be discarded from your consideration).

Recent storms in Atlanta and other areas across the company have been the worst in decades; and the damage to the exterior roofs, attics and interior rooms has also put a strain on many insurance companies trying to keep up with the claims.  Your insurance agent may have recommendations for an Atlanta roofing company or roofing contractor that has proven to do quality work in a timely fashion, so don’t forget their expertise in coordinating hail and water damaged properties with various sources.

So, consider all your options for finding help fixing storm damaged roofs and other water damage to your home.  From personal recommendations, online reviews, and insurance  guidelines, you should soon find yourself back in a dry, safe, and sound place to call home.

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