Construction Safety

Saturday, 3 July, 2010

There has been much talk about the construction industry lately and the concern is safety. Yes I know, these are topics best left unsaid and unspoken. We are usually worried about the bottom line and the amount of time it is going to take to complete the job. The safety job line has led to a great deal of companies receiving fines from OSHA. Employees have a hot line they can call if the work environment becomes unsafe. We had a job where a co-worker went into cardiac arrest while moving a ladder. The top rung of the ladder touched a power line and as a result he was electrocuted. OSHA had a field day with our company and the foreman was sued for negligence as well as the business owner.

Safety for the general public is a must but all to often we tend to forget the workers. Yes, I understand they are professionals but even the best make mistakes. Our lead foreman was there the day the guy went into cardiac arrest but his medical expertise did not help our cause. In addition, the equipment he had did not work according to the national review board. You can imagine the embarrassment he felt when they told him that his automated defibrillator did not work because he forgot to push the on button.

There are many companies that are offering safety equipment to help the construction industry. The big players such as Home Depot have stepped up to the plate to offer safety harnesses. ABC roofing and supply warehouse has been very proactive in designing comfortable suits for workers who work in the paint department. The self contained breathing apparatus helps workers to not breath the dust particles from the paint. The amount of Cancer causing agents are huge. The workers are very delighted to have been provided with such safety measures. Contrary to popular belief, there is coming a day where anybody caught using a spray can without a suit will be placed in Jail.

The evidence from Forbes magazine has stated that the construction safety standard business could see an increase in revenue. They expect approximately a 2 billion dollar surge in contrast to previous years. If you are not in the safety business, then you might want to reconsider your decision. There is one company out of Florida who is leading the nation in cash revenue each and every year for construction safety.

Many of your competitors will loose out on business if they are not compliant with the current standards that are coming down the line. Be sure to position your company for success in the roofing industry. Good luck to everyone.

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