Sunday, 8 August, 2010

Roof leaks are a big problem for homeowners. If left unattended to they many cause huge problems in the near future. I wanted to take a minute and try to explain some of the few leaks that you may be experiencing. Be sure to contact your Atlanta roofing contractor.

Valleys are where two roof planes intersect. This area is where a lot of rain may run down the roof in this area. Some roofers use roll roofing to seal this area, others use ice and water shield barrier and also lace the shingles together for extra protection. Sometimes the water will run under the shingles and cause leaks if not properly installed or if the leak barrier is worn down due to a lot of storm weather, sun, and humidity.

Step flashing may be causing a leak. The step flashing is located where a roof climbs along a vertical wall. If the flashing is not properly installed under the shingles and sealed with caulking it will cause leaks and begin to rust.

Shingles must be properly installed for they will have a lot of wear and tear on them thru the years. Shingles may become loose or even missing after a large rain or hail storm. This can cause leaking in that area.

Nail holes may be small but can cause a BIG leak. After several years, nails may become loose and after time rust. Some nails even pop out all together and leave these tiny holes. Over time the rain will start to make its way into the hole and cause problems.

Plumbing flashings are also known to leak after time. These plumbing flashings may need to be replaced. But some plumbing flashings may only need to be sealed.

Then there is Chimney leaks. These are prone to leak around flashing at the base of the chimney You may also need a new chimney cap . Chimney caps can become loose over time and rust causing leaks as well. Sometimes a ice and water shield barrier may need to be applied to the brick of the chimney to stop the leak. A roofing contractor can usually detect where the leak is coming in.

If a new roof has been installed and a leak becomes present, you should contact the roofing company that installed the roof and they should come out and inspect your roof for you. In come cases it may be detected that it is not something that was actually anything they could have done different so a service charge may apply. Always make sure to ask if there will be a service charge for a return visit. When a roof repair is completed and payment is made you should receive a warranty for the work preformed and if there is any issue with the same leak the roofing contractor should come back out free of charge in the warranty time frame you ahve been given.

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