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Monday, 9 August, 2010

The #1 roofing repair issue is known to be with plumbing vent flashings. This is usually not a roofing contractors fault. The plumbing flashing use a rubber seal with an aluminum flashing. The rubber around the plumbing flashing may fail as little as 5-10 years. The rubber may start to crack due to extreme heat and a lot of rain storms which breaks down the rubber and causes it to break down. If the plumbing flashing are not installed correctly they will break down a lot sooner and need to be replaced.

Rain that is wind driven may cause issues that are hard to detect where the rain is actually coming in. Sometimes the rain finds a way to come in under the roofing material. May be under the shingles, the flashing in a valley,or at the edge of the roof. You can never underestimate the power of 60-mph wind that is pushing the rain against your home. The roofing contractor will inspect the roof and determine where they think the rain is coming in. If nothing is visually seen, and there is no known reason for the rain to be inside the home. The contractor may pick several areas to seal to try to prevent it from happening again. In some cases the rain will come in again after a wind storm rain and the Atlanta roofing contractor can be called and asked to try to look for it again. It may take several attempts to find this leak. This leak is the hardest roof repair to find. Just have patients with the contractor .Understand that the roofing contractor is working to stop this roof leak for you . Just remember the contractor didn’t start this leak and most roofing companies will stand by their warranty and work until the leak is resolved.

As a homeowner it is always best to check out the roofing contractor’s reviews, website, and references. These are very important in the decision you are making to find the best contractor for you. Always remember cheaper is not always better. In the economy we live in it is easy to look for the cheapest price for most everything. But when you are having a roof repair done, it is always best to find a roofing contractor with experience in stopping a leak. If you find someone that doesn’t have many reviews on roofing repairs but they have excellent reviews on complete roofs, they may not be the right roofing company for the job. The roof repair can end up costing a lot more to stop if you have to get several roofing contractors to fix the same repair issue.

So always make sure to check out the roofing contractor in the area of service in which you are looking for.

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