Sunday, 2 August, 2009

News from Alamance, Caswell, and Orange County North Carolina. Newspapers in Womack Publishing Company’s North Carolina Region. The Roofing companies have been very helpful in aiding flood victims after the tornado. Many roofing contractors placed tarps on the homes located in Orange County. The residents were very grateful for all the assistance provided by Tip Top Construction.

More roofs were expected to be damaged , for reports of large hail had been sited in Alamance County just after 9 p.m. A hail damage roof has the potential to allow large amounts of water to enter a home in a very short period. Tarps should be placed over the roof damage until a Certified Roofer can make the necessary repairs.

Caswell was the hardest hit county for the winds were reported to be 150 mph. Metal, asphalt, and rubber roofs were ripped from their substrate. Water damage was listed into the millions of dollars. Residential Roofing Contractors were at the Sweet PlasticĀ  Copper Plant 14 hours installing tarps to cover the large hole that was in the roof. Leaks were reported in the great room of the historic Gaither House. Best Choice Roofing was at the residence 2 days installing a new slate roof to keep the rain out of the house.

Today’s events will help us all to be more prepared for we know not when we will need to call on a roofing contractor. From patching a small hole in the roof or installing a complete roof system, Roofers were there to help in the time of need.


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