Roofing Safety

Wednesday, 2 December, 2009

Having a roof installed onto your home is a routine procedure, but sometimes things go awry. Roofers have been known to fall from heights as great as 60 feet. The catastrophic injuries sustained is unbelievable. From broken bones to head injuries, the number of grave injuries are countless. The recommendation from some safety experts is to have at least 3 of your employees attend a CPR certification class.

Commercial construction projects have begun to take a closer look at how to reduce cost for on the job injuries. Large corporations require a Paramedic to be present on the job site for they are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. They have the ability to save lives and to prevent on the job injuries. The implementation of the on scene medical staff has significantly reduced the amount of injuries.

Government contracts have become more strict with the safety guidelines. With an on the job injury on the site of a Government project, the liability rest on the contractor as well as the Government entity. There was one company secured a contract on a  Government daycare center. The safety guidelines required a Registered Nurse be on location and to hold a Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification. The nurse had to have at least 3 years experience in a Pediatric Hospital.

The support has been overwhelming for the need of additional safety standards. Hopefully, roofing contractors will follow the guidelines and have the incidents of injuries decreased. Our guidelines currently do not require any first aid training for any of our roofers.

The roofing industry as we know it will change for the better over the next 5 years. There will be stricter rules implemented by the local Government. Those companies who become compliant now can benefit from the ability to secure more contracts. Finally, be safe and take care of yourselves.

The Roofing Industry has been dedicated to the service of home owners for many years. We have become dedicated to worker safety as well as we move into the new millennium. Our construction sites have Paramedics and nurses who are trained in First Aid and ACLS certification medical care. We take every precaution to ensure our workers receive the highest level of medical care.

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